Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How I see the bicycle world....

I can't think of any sort of one, two, three, or four wheeled, human powered machine that I actually don't like.

I'm a cyclist.....Not a snob.

I ride......I don't just sit back and criticize.

For whatever reason, I just can't get enough of the bicycle. I gotta' look at them, touch them, ride them, fix them, and think about them. It's fortunate that I'm not this way with women as it would destroy any chance of  having a meaningful marriage....Which I'm lucky to have. As a matter of fact, if I were so obsessed with cars, it would probably be a marriage destroyer as well because I just don't make enough money to obsess over anything pricier than a few thousand dollars.

When I turn on the computer I see that there are BMX blogs.....Freeride blogs.....Commuter/utility blogs......Mountain bike blogs.....Road bike blogs.....Fat bike blogs.....Recumbent blogs......Cargo bike blogs.....And fashionable/pretty lady blogs. Often a person who prefers a particular style of cycling or bicycle will hold that style way up on a pedestal and insult all the others. It seems alright to love a particular style but it seems less alright to criticize others for simply exercising their freedom in finding their own preferred style.

The cycling world is full of Nazis.....Helmet Nazis, light Nazis, lyrca Nazis, facility Nazis, trail Nazis, handlebar height Nazis, sidewalk Nazis, seat angle Nazis,  and plain ol' bicycle Nazis.  This one makes fun of lycra while that one makes fun of black socks, and that other one makes fun of recumbents. Slow cyclists, fast cyclists, skinny and fat cyclists are criticized . Some completely ignore fashion and ride naked and even these clever folks are still the "butts" of jokes.

Fat bikes, skinny  bikes, heavy bikes, light bikes, plastic bikes, steel bikes, big wheels, small wheels, cheap bikes, and even pricey bikes are all fair game.

We all deal with the "do it my way" crowd but that's the opposite of what I am. Ride whatever you want and I'll give you the thumbs up. Tell me what to ride and I'll give you two thumbs down. Right now I have two bikes and they are not "normal. One is a Surly Big Dummy, and the other is an Easy Racers Tour Easy recumbent. My wife has a Bianchi Milano with an Xtracycle on the back. We hope to get her a recumbent trike as well.

We rarely wear a helmet, our lights are not supa' bight, and we even (carefully) ride on the sidewalk when the occasion arises. The rabid bike Nazis see us as shining examples of cyclists who need to be exterminated/assimilated . According to some, we do everything wrong and it's okay to believe that....Just don't expect us to change because you say so.

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